Drupal database update

  1. Use this script to upgrade an existing Drupal installation. You don't need this script when installing Drupal from scratch.
  2. Before doing anything, backup your database. This process will change your database and its values, and some things might get lost.
  3. Update your Drupal sources, check the notes below and run the database upgrade script. Don't upgrade your database twice as it may cause problems.

  4. Go through the various administration pages to change the existing and new settings to your liking.


If you upgrade from CivicSpace 0.7.x, you will need to create the users_roles and locales_meta tables manually before upgrading. To create these tables, issue the following SQL commands:

  CREATE TABLE users_roles (
    uid int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
    rid int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
    PRIMARY KEY (uid, rid)
  CREATE TABLE locales_meta (
    locale varchar(12) NOT NULL default '',
    name varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
    enabled int(2) NOT NULL default '0',
    isdefault int(2) NOT NULL default '0',
    plurals int(1) NOT NULL default '0',
    formula varchar(128) NOT NULL default '',
    PRIMARY KEY  (locale)